Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health Awareness training is something that we can offer to your organisation. This full day course covers the sensitive topics around depression, anxiety, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, self harm Bi-polar, Psychosis. This training works well delivered to a whole setting.

We all have mental health, this course discusses what happens to a person during times of ill mental health. Poor mental health can happen to everyone, so its important that we know what to do when we spot signs of mental ill health in our colleagues or friends. This Mental Health Awareness Course gives you plenty of top tips

Contact us by phone for more information on Mental Health Awareness Training. 07960 751778

Sue is also an accredited trainer for Mental Health First Aid England. 

Sue can also deliver Mental Health First Aid, this is a licensed course from Mental Health First Aid England. This course covers all of the above, however it is a two day accredited course and requires commitment. The learner will become a certified Mental Health First Aider, able to spot the emerging signs of a mental health issue and will know how to signpost and support.

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