Organisation Audit Toolkit

We launched our Organisation Audit Toolkit devised and authored by us in May 2019. It’s to help you, as organisations to measure the effectiveness of all your safeguarding measures,  including your systems and your processes. It’s also very easy to follow once you understand what you need to do.

You are able to quickly assess which areas your organisation is compliant and also how you are functioning against a set of criteria. The criteria are set a grouping of statements gathered from all of  the current safeguarding guidance and legislation. So, the toolkit is RAG rated, just like a traffic light assessment tool. So, for example, when you read a statement,  you will then be able to gauge whether the statement applies to your organisation and then you attribute a colour code. Please see below.

RAG rating explained 

Green: A typical response would be: We have this in place right now and its working well.

Amber: A typical response would be : We are already thinking about this, its not in place yet but we have plans to implement or the task is in process.

Red: – A typical response would be:  We haven’t even thought about this and we have nothing in place. This would be flagged up as urgent and we need to do something about this now.

The Audit tool tool is also designed to be supportive in assisting your organisation to be able to take stock and to measure where you are compliant or non compliant in regards to the current legislation and the guidance.

It’s important to note, not all of the statements will apply to your setting. There will be parts that won’t apply to your setting. The Toolkit is designed to cover all the guidance and legislation. However, there are some organisation who may be exempt from some parts.

When you are working through the toolkit, you will be able to assess what is applicable to your own setting and what is not.

This tool’s been piloted in some settings that we’ve partnered with. Their feedback has been positive and they have found it to be really helpful for them.  

The organisations involved with the pilot of the toolkit reported to us that the time taken to complete their self audit was variable. For some, it varied between 45 mins to 1.5 hours.

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