Signs of Safety

“Signs of safety” is an approach to safeguarding that is used across Leicestershire, Leicester City, and Rutland and is used across the world.

The approach seeks to build relationships with families and taps into their strengths, resources, and existing networks, building on these to address areas of concern. It emphasises “working with” the family rather than “doing to” them. It is a child-centred approach that emphasises the use of clear and understandable language, that helps the family to understand why change is needed (i.e. understanding the impact of the concerns and benefits of change for the child).

There are many useful resources to help us to understand this approach. The first is the “Signs of safety” website:

There is also the “Signs of Safety” Youtube channel: Signs of Safety – YouTube

The following video provides a brief overview of Signs of Safety and is presented by one of the founders of the approach.

In this next video, a number of front line professionals talk about the benefits of Signs of Safety in their roles.

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