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Organisation Audit Toolkit

Organisation Audit Toolkit

Our Organisation Audit Toolkit has been devised by ourselves. It’s helping organisations measure the effectiveness of safeguarding measures. You are able to quickly assess how your organisation is compliant and also how you are functioning against a set of criteria. The criteria are statements gathered from all current safeguarding guidance and legislation. The toolkit is RAG rated, like a traffic light assessment tool. So, for example, you read a statement,  you then will gauge whether the statement applies to your organisation and you attribute a colour code 

Green: typical response would be: We have this in place now and its working well

Amber: typical response would be : We are already thinking about this and have plans to implement or the task is in process 

Red: – Typical response would be:  We haven’t thought about this and we need to do something about it

It’s a tool that’s designed to be supportive and assisting your organisation and to enable you to take stock and measure where you are compliant or non compliant  in regards to current legislation and guidance.

Please do be aware that not all of the statements will apply to your setting. When you are working  through the organisation toolkit, you will be able to gauge what is applicable to your own setting and and what is not.

This tool has been piloted in some of the settings that we’ve partnered with. Their feedback has been positive and its been found to be helpful.  When piloting this tool, the time taken for some organisations varied between 45 mins to 1.5 hours.

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