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Levels of Training for your organisation

  • Seminar group 1

We offer bespoke and different levels of safeguarding courses dependant on the audience. 

We can deliver in various ways: 

  • To a whole team (or teams) within an setting/organisation or
  • to a group of organisations who combine the teams for cost effectiveness (maximum number 25)

Costs : Delivered on your premises to your team, the cost of any course is

  • £250 for a half day 9:30am -1pm

  • £300 for an evening  6:30pm till 9:30pm

  • £500 for a full day plus travel costs for up to 25 people. 9:30pm till 16:30pm

Larger groups can be accommodated for an additional cost (please call us to discuss). This cost includes all materials, resources, certificates etc.

  • Travel is charged from Loughborough, Leicestershire at 45p per mile travelled (i.e. the return journey).

All courses are fully compliant with: National guidance and Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership  procedures and the Leicestershire & Rutland Safeguarding Partnership competency framework and training standards. 

Certificates referencing national guidance and the Leicestershire and Rutland competency framework groups are issued

The courses we offer are:

Basic awareness of Safeguarding children and young people For staff who do not have regular or direct contact with children and young people but they come into indirect contact with families or children in their role. For example, administration or reception/greeting staff, premises staff etc.

Essential awareness of safeguarding children and young people:  For staff who have either regular supervised or any form of unsupervised contact  with children and young people. This would certainly include practitioners, teachers, mentors or those involved in pastoral / support work with children etc.

Advanced awareness of safeguarding children and young people: For staff or volunteers who are engaged in more complex work with vulnerable or disadvantaged children, young people or families. It would include those who may need to liaise with staff from other organisations (such as health, early help or social care services etc.) in relation to safeguarding issues. 

Designated Safeguarding Lead: role and responsibilities: For those who are the nominated safeguarding lead for the organisation; in other words, they are the “go to” person for anyone who has concerns about a child or young person. (Please note; there is also a course for those responsible for governance and this course does not cover that content).

Strategic management of safeguarding children and young people for senior managers or those with a governance role : This level of training is for organisation leaders, officers, trustees or Designated Officers, who have responsibility for policies, procedures, systems, training etc. for the organisation.

Safer recruitment and ongoing safe management of staff and volunteers : This level of training is for those who appoint and oversee the work of staff and/or volunteers who are involved in the organisations activities and service delivery

For online training please click here

For more information about these courses,

please contact Paul Harrison either by e-mail;

  or call on 07960 751778