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Advice and support

Questions and answers

We offer advice and support and guidance to any organisation . Call us on 07960 751778 to talk through any issue you may wish to discuss.

If you have a more complex issue to discuss that requires work beyond telephone advice and support , we will advise you of the process for commissioning this including our fees. You will be under no obligation to proceed. 

IMPORTANT: If you have concerns about a child, you should be reporting it  to either the Police or your Local Authority who have the duty to investigate your concerns if social care thresholds are met.

An allegation against a member of staff or a volunteer should always be referred through to the Allegations Manager or the Designated Officer in the Local Authority (LADO). You can find how to do this on your Local Safeguarding Partnership’s procedures page.  

Whilst we are happy to discuss matters of concern, this must not delay appropriate reporting the appropriate agencies.

Confidential information about identified individuals

should not be shared with us. 

For advice and support, please call us on  07960 751778 between the hours of 08:00am and 22:30pm.  If we are unable to answer, please leave a message and your call will be replied to at the earliest convenient time. You can also email