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Welcome to Phasic-Ltd

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Welcome to the Phasic Website

Working to achieve better outcomes for children, young people, vulnerable adults and their families.

Supporting organisations to achieve best practice in safeguarding

Welcome to the Phasic Limited website. We are a specialist training and consultancy service, working with organisations who deliver services to children, young people, families, and vulnerable adults and their families.  

Working with organisations across the statutory, private, voluntary and faith sectors and  specialising in safeguarding training, advice and support, we are also able to deliver on a range of other themes including leadership and management, disability awareness, working with volunteers equality and diversity etc. Our main areas of expertise and focus are:

  • Schools (including school governors)
  • Early years settings
  • Early help services
  • Foster carers
  • Voluntary sector organisations
  • Faith based organisations

We help organisations think through their approach to safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk of abuse. We can support with the development of the policies, procedures, systems and the culture that’s needed to safeguard the people they work with by achieving best practice standards in a practical and achievable way. Click  How safe and health audit tool for the audit tool 

We support activity throughout all levels of the organisation and provide a range of standard and bespoke services. With extensive experience designing and delivering training and consultancy services, we are able to offer a high quality service that is tailored to your specific context and needs.

We believe in making a difference


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